Glow In The Dark Paint

Are you searching glow in the dark paint to use at home? If it’s stars or wall you are painting we have it covered!

There is a reason that glow in the dark paints are able to glow in the dark. They are made up of a phosphor-phosphor pigment. This pigment can catch light, hold it and then light up for quite a while. This is known as photoluminescence. These paints are safe for the environment as well. The object that is painted will glow during the day in any or all of the colors. It also holds onto the energy from the light and uses that energy to illuminate the paint in the dark. This allows you to create an original item that will glow in the dark. These types of paints are used in many phases of production on decorated items.glow in the dark paint

Glowing paints types:

Glowing paints are no different than regular paints when it comes to choosing the right paint. You will base your decision on the type of surface you will be painting. If you are painting metal you will want a glow in the dark paint that is made for metal surfaces. These are often used for signs, interior designs and cars. Many times architects, car manufacturers and gas stations use these types of paints. If you want to paint clothing or other fabric you will want the glow paints that are made for fabric materials. These are often used by textile manufacturers. There are paints designed for glass surfaces that allow you to design any type of glass or glossy surface or tile. Wooden surfaces require a paint made exclusively for use on wood. This can be used on fences, window frames and other wooden items. There is even a glow in the dark paint that is designed for concrete and other rock forms. Finally you can also find paints for printing on film or even plastics. There is a glow in the dark paint for any surface you could imagine.

These glowing paints will absorb the light during the day and then use that light to create a glow when the lights are off. They can be bought in a variety of places. You may find glow in the dark paints at a party store, hobby shop or even a department store. If you can’t find them locally you can check online and get your supply there.

There are many uses for glow in the dark paints. Those who build model rockets have found the paints help them locate the rockets in the dark. Parents often use the paints to create a glowing effect in a child’s room. There are a multitude of ways that the paint can be used. You are only limited by your imagination.

There are several formulations of the glow in the dark paints. You will find that there are a few that are more common than others. You may often see zinc-sulfide based phosphorescent pigments as these are most common. So are alkaline rare earth metal silicates. The many different compositions allow for different color combinations.

If you stick to water based paints you will find that the smell is similar to that of any other paint. The paint is also non-toxic and safe. If you opt for a solvent based paint you want to keep it away from children’s rooms as it isn’t quite as safe.

Glow In The Dark Spray Paint

The way to use glow in the dark spray paints is much like using any other type of paint. You simply need to paint it on as you normally would. Glow in the dark paints are solvent based and that will help them adhere to nearly every surface they are applied to. If you have a project that needs preparation and sealing then these steps are for you.

If your surface is already painted quite well then simply skip over the sealer and base coat. Just clean and smooth the surface and you are ready to go.

Sealing Layer

You will need a clean and smooth surface before you paint. If you have a porous surface then it’s better if use a sealer or primer before painting. You may need to do some sanding. How you go about this and what you use will vary by the surface you are painting. A hardware store can give you advice about the surface you are using. Try to stick to water and solvent based products for a primer.

Color Base Layer

If the product you are using does not say the word daytime on it, then it is basically clear. When the lights are on the base color will show through. In the dark it will glow in the glow color and that is all.

If it says daytime then the base color is hidden. It is an almost opaque shade in the daylight.

You want to put on your color base. If you want the glow paint to remain invisible then you want to stick with a light or white color. You can use a darker color but the paints will be noticeable. Stick with water and solvent based paints again with this layer.

One kind of paint to try is Krylon Brigh White High Gloss Spray Paint. You will find it affordable and it has a great look.

Glow Layer

Now you are down to the easy work. Pick a glow paint that is a color and brightness you would like. You want to apply the paint in several thin layers. A wide brush is recommended for consistency. A black light can help you see spots that are not covered.

Keep adding layers until you are satisfied with the brightness. Usually you will achieve this between 2 and 4 layers.

Air gun and Airbrushing Glow Paint

Anytime you use an air gun or airbrush be sure to use a respirator. This is important.

If you want the highest performance from your solvent based paint when using a type of air application then it’s important to increase the drying time. This is simple to do.

You will want to add some type of paint thinner to the paint like acetone. When you use an air application the paint will be wet when it touches the surface and dry in seconds. If it is drying before it hits the surface then you need more thinner. If it is runny then you need more paint. .

Sealing Layer

Depending on the glow in the dark paint you choose you may not need a sealing layer. Some products like zinc based do not require one. Aluminate products do much better with a sealant.

If you are going to add a sealing layer you want it to be clear and solvent based. You also want to make sure it has no UV-filtering additives. There are many types of sealing products available in a variety of costs.


By paying close attention to these suggestions and steps you will be able to paint high quality designs for little cost and work. It may be unnecessary depending on your project. For a small project like stars on the ceiling this tutorial is a bit much.